08 Nov 2022

Standards & Frameworks

There are hundreds of voluntary climate-related reporting and disclosure frameworks and standards. They serve to provide organizations with guidelines to report on sustainability and other ESG-related topics. These frameworks determine what types of information need to be disclosed, in what formats, and can help verify claims companies make publicly.

Increasingly, governments have been using a handful of these key frameworks to craft their own disclosure requirements. Many of these bodies are also consolidating and working towards consensus in order make reporting more streamlined, repeatable, and in-line with government requirements.

This database of key standards, disclosures, frameworks, and legislation aims to be a living source of truth. This resource will be kept up to date with relevant specifics and updates as those become available.

Global Financial Standards & Disclosures

  • 🔒 ISSB

  • 🔒 TCFD

  • 🔒 SASB

  • 🔒 IIRC

  • 🔒 GRI

  • 🔒 PRI

Environmental Standards & Disclosures

  • 🔒 GHG Protocol

  • 🔒 ISO

  • 🔒 Carbon Disclosure Project

National Legislation & Requirements

  • 🔒 EU Taxonomy

  • 🔒 EFRAG

  • 🔒 SEC Climate Disclosure Proposal

  • 🔒 Australia Climate Change Bill 2022

  • 🔒 New Zealand Pricing Agricultural Emissions

Last updated: 11/08/2022


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