People are the most important part of every organization, and ACTUAL is no exception.


About us

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, so at ACTUAL, we are building a software platform to help organizations of all kinds to break through decision paralysis and begin turning their sustainability goals into meaningful, measurable action. Think of ACTUAL as a scaled up take on the “SimCity” planning games you may have played growing up (or as an adult, we don’t judge). Our software enables corporations, governments, and change-making organizations to plan sustainability initiatives with ease and rapidly assess the environmental and social impacts of their operations. Drawing on inspirations from urban planning, game design, journalistic data visualization, and scientific computing, ACTUAL is helping our users reimagine their supply chains, workplaces, factories, and cities for a more sustainable future. We are well funded, with a growing pipeline of enterprise customers and worldwide projects. Our interdisciplinary team has widely varied backgrounds, unified by a shared commitment to build a more optimistic future. We believe stellar candidates can come from anywhere, so we encourage you to apply if you feel you would be a great fit, even if you don’t exactly meet the listed requirements.


Benefits and perks

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    Competitive salary and company equity

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    Health, dental and vision

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    Flexible Work

    Fully remote, in-person retreats, unlimited PTO and parental/bonding leave

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    For a home office, professional development, and co-working spaces

Hiring process

Submit application

Just to reiterate, we are very aware that great candidates can come from anywhere. If you take a look at our team bios, you’ll see that we’ve found talent in a Chicago bar, a television studio, and many places in between. So, if you feel like your skills would make you an awesome fit for the job even if they’re not the skills listed in the job description, please don’t hesitate to apply.

Screening call with recruiter

This will be a 30-minute phone call to learn a bit more about the applicant and for them to learn a bit more about ACTUAL.

Video interview with hiring manager

A 60-minute video call with a deeper dive into the details of the role.

Paid technical assessment

A time-boxed project (no longer than 6 hours) to assess your skills. We know these assessments take time and effort, and we believe applicants should be compensated for that.

Virtual onsite with team

Get to know the team you'll be working closest with and chat with the three founders.

Offer call

An informal offer call where we also make sure the applicant has everything they need to make the decision

Join our team

Thanks for your interest in ACTUAL! We aren't currently hiring, but please check back periodically for updated openings.

I feel extremely appreciative to work with such a driven, thoughtful, and caring team who submit their expense receipts without having to be asked

-Mackenzie Heinze, Operations Associate

I'm so grateful to have found a job that combines my passion for the environment with my passion for making money

-Annie Kopp, Business & Operations Analyst

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